Ahad, 20 Mei 2012


~Dengan nama Allah yang maha Permurah lagi maha Penyayang~  

    Entry kali ini Sis akan tekankan pasal TASK 2..Sebab ape????
Sebab..untuk pngtahuan..TASK 2 sangat penting...Band yang adik2 akan dapat majo akan based on TASK 2..Sebab TASK 1 sangat mudah ^_^ adik2 boleh hafal term2 yang selalu digunakan..For instance increased slightly,rose rapidly,dramatic fall..etc...But TASK 2 adik2 kene bg opinion sendiri,tak boleh hafal...=='
Here, ada 3contoh sample TASK 2..Take a look..kalau ada correction..Blh bgthu ok :)
BTW Good luck EPT..Band 6 yup!!


Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that this is why they have a greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting. Write an essay expressing your point of view. Give reasons for your answer.
To what extent do you agree with this statement?
You should write at least 250 words.
     A child is born to two parents – a man and a woman. Both sexes play a crucial role in raising the child. Although fathers can make excellent parents, in my opinion, it is strongly agreed that mothers are in reality better parents based on their natural intuition and compassionate tendencies.
    Firstly,for a wide variety of socio-cultural reasons, women tend to have more intuitive intelligence than men. It is this intuition that enables the mother to know when her child needs her.In addition,women often know how to read non-verbal signals in human behavior, which can alert them to issues and problems in the child’s life. All of these “perceptive skills” play a major role in making the mother a close, responsible and responsive parent.
   Secondly, most mothers share a inimitable bond with their children. Perhaps this bond arises during the nine months of pregnancy; perhaps it is reinforced through the act of breastfeeding. Whatever the cause, there often appears to be a lifelong silver chord or psychic connection between mother and child. As a result, the mother is able to evaluate the child’s actions from the viewpoint of his/her intentions, and not just results. This empathy is priceless and cannot easily be replicated. Although fathers may form deep loving bonds with their children, they may not be able to match the depth of closeness shared by mother and child.
   In conclusion, although both parents are certainly capable of caring for the child, the mother often makes a better parent. Anyone who has experienced the unconditional acceptance of a mother’s love can bear witness to this reality.

Using a computer every day can have more negative than positive effects on children. Do you agree or disagree?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

    In today's modern world, computers are an essential part of everyday life. Around the globe, children often use computers from a very young age. Although it is important for children to participate in various well-balanced activities, in my opinion, children who use the computer daily are actually developing a critical skill for future success. The bases for my views are personal and academic.
  From a personal point of view, computers are an invaluable resource to help young people explore the world around them. For example, children who use Internet to satisfy their curiosity about diverse topics are already becoming independent learners. No child with a computer is ever bored! By starting early in their lives, children feel totally at ease around computers; they are also able to take advantage of the wide range of services computers provide.
   From an academic viewpoint, children have no choice but to master this technological invention. For instance, when I was in university, students brought their laptops to class to take notes, do research and exchange information. They wrote assignments, created presentations and developed databases. Children who build early confidence and experience in these abilities are at a distinct advantage over those who have not.
   In conclusion, there is no doubt that the computer as a technological tool is here to stay. The sooner children become computer-literate, the better for many aspects of their future lives.


Many people say that the only way to guarantee getting a good job is to complete a course of university education. Others claim that it is better to start work after school and gain experience in the world of work.

How far do you agree or disagree with the above views?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.
   It is probably true to say that most people believe that a university degree is the only way to get a good job. I think this is true in certain areas, while in other areas, a degree is not as useful.

   Firstly, many people have ambitions to become a qualified professional and there is no doubt that becoming a doctor or a lawyer, for example, is only possible with a degree. Another advantage of graduating from university is that it gives you more choices when it comes to choosing a job. Most employers will be more impressed by a candidate who has a degree than they would be by one who only has high school qualifications because it shows a certain level of intelligence and education, as well as the commitment and self-discipline that is needed In order to study a degree course for three or four years.
    On the other hand, there might be some benefit to starting your career early, especially if your chosen field is one which does not typically require a university education. This would apply to somebody who wants to be a car mechanic, or a fashion designer, for instance, who would not necessarily gain anything from going to university. The hands-on experience you gain in your job while others are studying for a degree can give you a distinct advantage. I once read about a man who left school at sixteen and went on to become a wealthy and successful investment broker. He claimed that he had learned all he needed to know by working in his chosen field and that he could not have done any better by getting a degree.

   In conclusion, it is possible to get a good job without going to university. Having said that, some professions, such as the law, require you to have a degree and as stated above a University degree could potentially open more doors when looking for a job.